Pain Care

Talk to your doctors and nurses about any pain you are experiencing.

  • Work with your care team to create a pain control plan. Let them know what pain control methods have worked in the past, including non-medical options like massage, repositioning, music, etc. If your pain control plan is working, stick to it. If it’s not, let your care team know.
  • Share any concerns about pain medication, including side effects.
  • Make your care team aware of any other medicines you take as well as any allergies to medications.
  • Help your care team “measure” your pain. You may be asked to rate your pain on a scale of 0 to 10. Or, you may choose a word from a list that best describes the pain.
  • Tell the doctor or nurses about any pain that won't go away.

Your comfort is important to us. You can play an active part in your care by following these steps to RELIEF:

  • Recognize and rate your pain.
  • Express your discomfort.
  • Learn your options for treatment.
  • Initiate a plan.
  • Evaluate your results.
  • Free yourself from pain.