Patient Financial Assistance

What is Patient Financial Assistance? 

Patient Financial Assistance is the free or discounted care provided to patients who cannot pay and who are not eligible for public programs including Medicare or Medicaid. These patients must meet certain financial criteria in accordance with hospital policy including incomes at or below a certain threshold of the federal poverty level. Patient financial assistance includes services for which hospitals neither received nor expected to receive payment because they determined the patient's inability to pay. This number is reported as cost of care to the hospital. 

Memorial Health is committed to serving the healthcare needs of every person in our community. Equal Access is part of Memorial Health's statement of values. Our provision of care does not depend on whether the patient is able to pay for that care. Established guidelines are set in which patients may apply and qualify for financial assistance that may cover part or even all of their hospital care. Additional information on Memorial's Financial Assistance Policy is available.

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