Joint Care represents a revolutionary approach to joint replacement care. This innovative, highly-rated program is designed to meet patient needs for improved joint function. Our experienced team of orthopedic surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, therapists and social workers guide the process from pre-surgery education through post-surgery rehabilitation.


  • Eliminate pain and discomfort in your unhealthy joint.
  • Increase mobility.
  • Return patient to highest possible quality of life.

Patient Education Class: A pre-surgery class offered free of charge prepares the patient for what will happen before, during and after JointWorks procedure. The class covers: basic anatomy, surgical procedure, anesthesia, therapy, pain management, daily plan and discharge options. Once patient is scheduled for surgery, class information is sent to patient.

Other Pre-Surgery tasks include: complete history and physical exam plus blood work, EKG, urine tests, etc. with primary care physician. Complete the following: dental exam, any lab work not completed in physician’s office, nasal swab for MRSA screen. Blood-thinning medications need to be stopped according to physician instruction.

Personalized Plan of Care: Every patient has a unique response to pain and pain management. Our goal is to work with each patient to manage surgical pain. The nursing team may offer pain medication when anticipating an increase in pain. Nurses are available to listen to suggestions and work with patient to determine best plan. Each day will bring increased pain management until one day no surgical pain is present. Patients should watch pain management videos for a general overview of how pain management is addressed upon discharge.

Outpatient Rehabilitation: Memorial offers a variety of locations for outpatient rehabilitation. Check with your care team prior to discharge and schedule initial sessions.