We are a producer-only market. All items must be homegrown, handmade and/or vendor-created from locally-owned operations within the state of Illinois. Examples of approvable items include: produce, flowers/plants, meat, eggs, dairy and baked goods/prepared foods. Exceptions to this rule include prepared food vendors who wish to include beverages like bottled water or coffee with their offerings. These items must be approved by the Market Coordinator.

All vendors will comply with the Illinois Smarter Rules for Farmers Markets and will be required to provide product origin information at the point of sale – either on a label, packing slip or signage that states the physical address of the farm or farms on which the products were grown or produced. This requirement is only for specialty crops and raw agricultural commodities at farmers markets.

Apply to Become a Vendor

Applications will be available beginning February 1 through www.managemymarket.com. Any application received from a potential vendor will be considered based on the following criteria:

  • Vendors that will enhance the variety of The Market with priority given to growers and food producers.
  • Space availability.
  • Balance of produce to prepared and processed items.

Applications are considered approved when an approval notification is provided by the Market Coordinator.

Lean more by reading the LMH Market Vendor Handbook.