Primary & Specialty Virtual Care

Not every illness or medical follow-up requires a visit to the clinic. Virtual care visits offer a safe, convenient option to speak with and see your established care provider through two-way video technology. It is a great option for times when you need to see your care provider, but not necessarily in the office.

You are not required to use virtual care, but it is another way we can meet your medical needs through safe, convenient care.

Not sure if virtual care is an option for you? Call our office as you normally would. Our colleagues will discuss your needs and determine if a virtual care visit is appropriate. If we determine we need to see you in person, we’ve made adjustments at our clinics to ensure your safety, including screening upon arrival, required masks for all colleagues and patients, reduced seating and in-car registration that allows you to skip the waiting room. 

Below are some common questions we receive about virtual care visits in primary/specialty care.

Who can schedule a Memorial Care virtual care visit?

Virtual care is available to any established Memorial Care patient who has access to a mobile device or computer with internet. When you call our office to schedule an appointment, our colleagues will decide if a virtual care visit is an appropriate option for you. Virtual care is an available option during normal clinic business hours. All new patients will need a face-to-face office visit to establish care before virtual care services are available.

If you are a DMH Medical Group patient learn more here.

What can I expect?

Once our team determines a virtual care visit is appropriate, our colleagues will set up an appointment time. You will receive a notification with a link and detailed instructions of how to set up and access your visit. Instructions may vary depending on the type of device you are using.

Our colleagues may complete a test session to ensure connectivity and your comfort with the technology prior to your visit. When it is time for your actual visit, simply access the link as instructed in your appointment reminder to connect with your care provider.

What is the cost of a Memorial Care virtual care visit?

Virtual care services are covered by health insurance, including Medicare and Illinois Medicaid. We will bill your insurance similar to how we would for an office visit.