Memorial Care Virtual Care

You deserve convenient care. Not every illness or medical follow-up requires a visit to a clinic. Our expanded virtual care visits offer a safe, convenient option to speak with and see a care provider through two-way video technology. Best of all, it is from the comfort of your own home, through a computer or mobile device. It is a great option for times when you need to see your care provider, but not necessarily in the office.


What is virtual care?

virtual care is two-way video technology that allows you to consult with your provider from the comfort of your own home.  It allows you to speak with and see your provider via mobile device or computer.  The technology is HIPAA-compliant to ensure your privacy and provided through a web-based platform.

What are some illnesses that would be appropriate for a virtual care visit?

virtual care is often appropriate for the following:

  • Skin issues such as rashes, insect bites and inflammation
  • Bladder infections, UTIs
  • Medication adjustments
  • Follow-up discussions regarding lab, test results, medication adjustments or modified treatment plans
  • Ongoing follow-up visits for chronic conditions
  • Respiratory issues like allergies, colds, flu, bronchitis and sore throats

Please note:  Not all illnesses are treatable through telehealth.  The above list is not exhaustive, but offers a general guide. Your provider may still need to see you in person in the office.

What do I need for a virtual care visit?

Virtual care is a web-based service.  All you need is a mobile device that has internet access with a connected camera. If you do not have access to a mobile device, you can do a visit over the telephone.

How should I prepare for my virtual care visit?

Here are a few tips for a successful virtual care visit:

  • Participate from a quiet, private space that is free from distractions and interruptions by others.
  • Dress appropriately, as if you were attending an in-person visit.
  • Be aware of your background or use the option to blur your background.
  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi so that you can better ensure your privacy.
  • Have a charger nearby or make certain you have a full battery prior to the visit. When using a mobile device for video visits, please be aware that your battery may drain more quickly. 
  • Place the camera in a stationary position and leave it there for the duration of the video call.
  • If available, headphones or earbuds with a microphone will help to decrease background noise.

What is the cost of a virtual care visit?

Virtual care services are covered by health insurance, including Medicare and Illinois Medicaid.  We will bill your insurance similar to how we would for an office visit.

What if I don't have access to a cell phone?

We know that not everyone has access to a cell phone. Virtual care video is not required, but available to those who can access the technology. Our providers can still offer telemedicine and simply speak with you via telephone while you remain at home.  If your provider needs to see you, they can schedule a face-to-face visit in the office.

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