Memorial Care is How Health Begins

Memorial Care is your entry to healthcare at Memorial Health. Primary care. Urgent Care. Virtual Care. And more. It’s the quality care and expertise, compassion and convenience you expect from Memorial. Whether you require urgent care today or want to map a path to future physical wellness or mental well-being, Memorial Care is how health begins.


Primary Care

Memorial Care connects you and your family to the area’s leading primary care physicians and providers, plus all the resources of Memorial Health. It's how you start your return to the life you love and how you make the most of your life ahead.Learn more about Memorial Care primary care.

A woman sits in a doctor's office
Primary Care

Urgent Care

Memorial Care can help you start to feel better as soon as your symptoms begin. When there’s no time to make an appointment, the experienced urgent care physicians and providers of Memorial Health can provide high-quality care when you need it.Learn more about Memorial Care urgent care.

Woman sick with cold or flu symptoms in need of urgent care services.
Urgent Care

Virtual Care

Memorial Care offers convenient virtual appointments with local Memorial Health physicians and providers. Whether you prefer to have your appointment in person or in your pajamas, Memorial Care can connect you with the expertise you need to feel better.Learn more about Memorial Care virtual care.

Female on a virtual care appointment with a primary care doctor.
Virtual Care

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