Employee Assistance Program

To Access Services 24/7: 217-788-9345

Comprehensive. Caring. Confidential.

No one is immune to personal concerns, and when left unaddressed, they can impact your emotional well-being. Memorial Choice Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to help you resolve personal concerns before they become more serious and difficult to manage.

You, your spouse and your dependent children can receive short-term, professional counseling to address a wide variety of concerns. Memorial Choice EAP also provides access to information and resources that can help you answer virtually any personal question or concern.

Memorial Choice EAP is highly confidential and all applicable state and federal laws regarding confidentiality are applicable. Any information regarding counseling services can only be shared with written approval and counseling services are not documented within the electronic health records to ensure privacy is guarded.

There is no cost to use Memorial Choice EAP services for up to six free counseling sessions, per issue, per year. If ongoing counseling or specialized treatment is recommended, your health insurance or other benefits may apply. In such cases, Memorial Choice EAP will coordinate a referral to the most appropriate and cost-effective provider.

Access Memorial Choice EAP Program

*Google Chrome is recommended browser for full operation of all Memorial Choice EAP resources online.

How to participate in Memorial Choice EAP

• Call 217-788-9345
• Following a brief intake, an appointment will be scheduled with the appropriate resources at a convenient time.
• You will meet with a Memorial Choice EAP counselor or service line expert to discuss your concern in strict confidence.
• Your counselor or service line expert will help resolve your concern and provide appropriate information for resolution or refer you to a specialist when appropriate.
• Access resources online by logging into the portal.  

Counseling Services

Memorial EAP provides up to six free counseling sessions per issue, per year, for employees, their spouse and their dependent children (26 and younger). Or you may be referred to a professional resource with expertise within your area of concern. Some of the concerns Memorial Choice EAP can help with include:

• Stress management
• Work concerns
• Conflict resolution
• Parenting support
• Marriage and relationships
• Anxiety and depression
• Substance use
• Work-life balance
• Trauma
• Grief and loss 

Wellness Consultation

• Develop a plan for healthy routines
• Plan for increased activity
• Determine ways to better nourish the body
• Discuss managing various diseases 

Advance Care Planning

• Choose treatment options you would want or not want should you be diagnosed with a serious illness
• Put your plan in writing
• Share your plan with your healthcare provider
• Plan to share your values and wishes with loved ones 

Eldercare Assessment

• Assess physical and cognitive status
• Evaluate living environment
• Review and address any concerns related to medical history
• Discuss medication regimen
• Review financial and legal concerns
• Receive a detailed assessment with recommendations 

Financial Consultation

• Create a personalized financial action plan
• Review debt resolution options
• Understand bankruptcy
• Assess student debt options

Legal Consultation

• Will and estate planning
• Family law
• Mediation services
• Power of Attorney
• 25-percent discount with paid services 

Educational Opportunities

On our portal you will find on-demand videos and presentations on workplace issues including:

• Work-life balance
• Self-care in the workplace
• Stress management and resiliency
• Preventing, recognizing and managing burnout