Transfer Center

Memorial Health Transfer Center


One number for ALL patient transfers, including STEMI, stroke and trauma.

The Memorial Health Transfer Center offers streamlined processes to expedite patient transfers and facilitate physician-to-physician consultations.

Our dedicated toll-free number is staffed 24/7 with a team led by experienced registered nurses. Their clinical expertise, combined with our advanced patient flow technology, means the Transfer Center is better equipped to serve patients, colleagues and physicians.

How the Transfer Center Works

We partner with physicians, nursing staff, the Emergency Department, perioperative and procedural areas plus other departments throughout Memorial Health to move patients through the continuum of care.

We assign patients to the appropriate bed based on location, diagnosis, level of care and other patient specifics to ensure optimal patient safety.

How to Use the Transfer Center

Calls to the Transfer Center must be made by the patient’s provider or designee who is recommending hospital admission and/or treatment.

Step 1: Before calling, please have ready:

  • The best contact number to reach you
  • Patient’s full name, date of birth and primary care physician
  • Diagnosis and/or chief complaint, reason for transfer
  • Pertinent medical history, treatments given
  • Recommendations, concerns, level of care requested

Step 2: Call 877–662–7829.

Step 3: We coordinate the patient transfer with an accepting physician.

Step 4: We assign a hospital bed for the patient based on location, diagnosis and level of care required.

Use the Transfer Center to Facilitate:

  • Transfers from non-Memorial Health hospitals to Memorial Health hospitals
  • Direct admits from a physician office
  • Physician-to-physician consultations