What is End-of-Life Care?

As you near the end of your life, hospice care may be right for you. Hospice care is a specialized type of care for a person who is in the end stages of their life. Hospice focuses on managing a person’s pain and other symptoms, so that they can live as comfortably as possible, and have the best quality of life possible, with the time that remains.

End-of-Life Care at Memorial Health

We know this can be an emotional and overwhelming time. Our goal is to support you and your family in order to honor your wishes. We believe that by helping you understand the transition process and the services that will be provided to you, we can provide some peace of mind. To speak with a Hospice liaison, contact the Care Management office at 217-788-3360.

Memorial Home Care

You do not have to be in the hospital to receive quality hospice care. Memorial Health offers hospice services through Memorial Home Hospice. If you are interested in receiving hospice information, call 217-788-4663 or speak with your primary care provider.

End-of-Life Care booklet