Patient Optimization Types of Treatment

Medical: Physicians and mid-level providers work with you, your referring surgeon and primary care physician to identify and reduce risk factors that could impact your outcomes after surgery, such as high blood glucose levels, increased weight or high blood pressure. Services may include:

  • Medications to aid in weight loss
  • Adjusting medications that may be causing weight gain
  • Diagnostic laboratory work-up
  • Ongoing monitoring of progress

Lifestyle: Lifestyle therapies and techniques led by licensed clinical social workers, health psychologists and/or a life coach will guide you to healthier habits and behaviors. Services may include:

  • Educational classes
  • Individual counseling
  • Smoking cessation

Fitness: Fitness assessments and appropriate treatments led by physical therapists, physical therapy assistants and exercise physiologists will prime you for better surgical outcomes. Services may include:

  • Skilled physical therapy
  • Monitored group exercise sessions 
  • Discounted YMCA membership and an introductory session with a trainer

Nutrition: Nutritional counseling and guidance from registered dietitians and certified diabetes educators may be part of your physician-led treatment plan. Services may include:

  • Diabetes education (group and individual)
  • Educational classes
  • Mindful eating classes
  • Individual nutrition counseling