Culinary Medicine

Memorial Wellness Center has a culinary medicine program, which offers classes in a brand new kitchen.

Culinary Medicine classes involve preparing several recipes to learn basic culinary techniques while engaging in conversation related to the food-medicine connection. Participants taste the recipes the group has prepared and then set goals for using their new skills at home.

Health and Wellness Classes

Health and Wellness classes can range from food as a prevention strategy to food as part of therapeutic treatment of a diagnosed condition.

Everyday Essentials Classes

Everyday Essentials classes emphasize kitchen skills used to prepare healthy foods, with topics geared towards different health and wellness needs in the community.

Culinary Professional Series

The Culinary Professional Series provides continuing education opportunities for healthcare providers and medical students.

Goals of Culinary Medicine

  • Bridging the gap between food and medicine as part of lifestyle interventions for the prevention and treatment of chronic disease
  • Increasing confidence with culinary skills in the home kitchen and awareness of how ingredients and portions impact health
  • Offering a hands-on approach to healthy food preparation skills to support medical nutrition therapy recommendations
  • Opportunity for patients to experience “eating is believing,” learning that healthy foods can taste great, are simple to prepare and are a cost-effective way of promoting wellness
    Providing peer support for patients working on similar health goals

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