Care Management

Care Management

What is Care Management? Care management is focused on improving your health by helping you, your healthcare providers and your loved ones manage your medical conditions more effectively. Memorial Health’s Care Management program provides services like chronic disease management and healthcare navigation so you can have better quality of life and get the care you need while potentially reducing your healthcare costs.

How Can Care Management Help Me? Our interdisciplinary team is tailored to your needs, providing help from social workers, advance care planning experts, palliative care, end-of-life care and others.

Our patient-centered care can improve treatment adherence – helping reduce the barriers that prevent you from sticking to the treatment plan outlined by your doctors. We can also assist in care transitions, such as moving from the hospital to a long-term care facility or your home.

If you have chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease or arthritis, we can provide resources to help you improve your quality of life and reduce your hospital stays. We can also help with medication management – making sure you are taking the right medications at the right times.

Learn more about care management by contacting us at 217-788-3000, submit a request online or talk to your doctor about a referral.