Make Account Changes

Change Information on Your Account

Create a new payment account or change your existing payment account at any time. You may need to select the new payment account as your default payment account and delete old payment account if you are no longer using it. Checking account information cannot be changed or deleted by anyone except our patient financial representatives.

To change your email address, click the My Profile link from the menu. Click on “Edit My Contact Information.” Click on email address to change it. Use the new email address next time you sign on.

Discontinue Online Bill Pay

You are not required to pay online just because you receive a bill electronically. Simply do not make the payment online.

In the case of Bill Pay Assistant, you may stop paying online by deleting the payment rule. If you are paying by email reply then you delete the email payment order.

Quick Pay

Quick Pay allows you to easily make a payment without signing up. All you need is your statement to make a payment.

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