Job Shadowing Program

Memorial Health provides educational opportunities to individuals who need observation hours, clinical placements, internships and externships. We host participants in clinical and non-clinical areas, such as business and healthcare administration, medical coding, nursing, physical therapy and more.

Job Shadowing Program

Job shadowing allows participants to gain (hands-off) observation hours in a professional healthcare setting. This includes job shadowing in direct patient care settings and non-direct patient care settings. For pre-med students, we also allow physician shadowing. Please review the requirements before submitting a request.

Job Shadowing Required Documentation:

  • Copy of government-issued ID
  • If applicable, proof of COVID-19 vaccination
  • Proof of seasonal flu vaccination (required for observations taking place between Nov. 30 and March 31)
  • Proof of MMR immunization (2 doses) or titer
  • Proof of varicella vaccination (2 doses), documented proof of chickenpox disease or titer
  • Proof of TB test with negative result given within the last 12 months – must be a two-step TB skin test, QuantiFERON gold, or a T-Spot lab test

Additional Requirements:

  • Completion of online orientation – this consists of two learning modules covering our policies and practices on HIPAA and bloodborne pathogens. This will be assigned after the required documents have been turned in.
  • Signed release form – this will be provided to you and should be signed and returned after completing the online orientation.

Things to know:

  • You must be at least 16 years of age to job shadow. Some areas may require a minimum age of 18.
  • All documentation and compliance requirements must be completed prior to receiving final approval. Only after final approval has been granted will you be cleared to be scheduled.
  • Requests should be submitted at least eight weeks prior to the first date you would like to observe.
  • We review new requests every two weeks (during high-volume seasons such as spring and winter break, we may take up to four weeks to review).
  • We use a system called Smartsheet to manage requests. You should add to your contacts to avoid missing your pre-approval message and any other important emails.
  • If you are shadowing with a physician, you must obtain permission from the physician yourself and provide their contact information on the request form. We will not request permission for you to shadow with a physician. (This does NOT apply to shadowing experiences with a physician assistant, nurse practitioner or other advanced practitioner who is not an MD/DO.)
  • If you are a current colleague of Memorial Health, you will have a condensed list of required documentation.