Nurse Anesthesia Program

Memorial partnered with Millikin University in the summer of 2010 to launch The Millikin University and Decatur Memorial Hospital Nurse Anesthesia Program. Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) coursework at Memorial and the Millikin University School of Nursing prepares qualified, experienced Registered Nurses in the Advanced Practice Nursing specialty of nurse anesthesia.

  • The Nurse Anesthesia Program is an 88-credit, 36-month full-time course of study culminating in the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree.
  • BSN- DNP curriculum is front loaded, providing doctoral-level nursing courses in the first 18 months of study, followed by anesthesia-specific courses and clinical rotations in the last 18 months of the program.
  • Registered Nurse Anesthesia Interns (RNAIs) enjoy a learning environment enhanced by:
    • A state-of-the-art simulation center
    • A “home base” with program directors and faculty
    • Clinical sites free of Anesthesiology residents
    • Small to medium cohort sizes (14-16 students)
    • Clinical experience hours that exceed national standards
  • Strong emphasis on performance learning opportunities - advanced knowledge and technical skills required for unrestricted nurse anesthesia practice.
  • Graduates are prepared to be proficient in providing safe perianesthetic care and anesthetic management that utilizes their knowledge, critical thinking and communication skills to fulfill their professional role as CRNAs.

Important Dates

  • Application Open Date August 12
  • Application Deadline January 15
  • Program Start Mid-January

For the last graduating class of 2022:

  • Employment rate at 6 months: 100%
  • First time National Certification Examination pass rate: 100%
  • Total Anesthesia Hours: 1,795
  • Total Anesthesia Cases: 943
  • Total Clinical Hours: 3069

2020 National Data reflects clinical time and anesthesia hours for all programs. Programs with May graduation were not impacted as significantly as programs with December graduation dates. Since our program has a December graduation, students were out of clinical a total of 10 weeks. This resulted in fewer cases and a decreased amount of clinical/anesthesia time.

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For more information about the program, call 217-876-2578.