Decatur EMS Training

The goal of EMS training in the Memorial EMS System is provide high-quality training that benefits the participants of the training. Training can take many forms, and user-friendly training can help many of our volunteers and volunteer agencies continue to serve their communities in their highest capacities.

Here you will find links to training that can be completed during off hours and training that other training officers have graciously offered to allow other departments to use so to increase the training that takes place in the Memorial EMS System.

Additionally you will find a calendar of all approved training scheduled within the System and a list of licensed instructors who have indicated a willingness to help agencies, beyond their home agency, increase their training.  

This is a list of scheduled training for agencies in the Memorial EMS System. If a member in the system is interested in a training that is schedule at a department other than their own, they need to contact the department listed to request the opportunity to attend the training. Please realize that some departments are not staffed full time so requesting in advance will be needed. Some training will be department specific and not beneficial or open to additional personnel. To help ensure that enough resources are available for Memorial EMS hosted trainings, please click the link to register for any training. These trainings are offered at no cost, but registering helps to ensure appropriate equipment and instructor resources.

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