Resource Hospital Agencies

Below is a list of resource hospital agencies with links, where applicable.

ALS Transport

BLS Transport

  • Chapin Area Rescue Squad
  • Meredosia Volunteer Rescue Squad
  • Murrayville Woodson Emergency Ambulance Service
  • Palmyra Northwester Area Ambulance Service
  • South Jacksonville Fire Department
  • Waverly Fire Department
  • Winchester EMS

ALS Non-Transport

ILS Non-Transport

BLS Non-Transport

First Responder Non-Transport

  • Alexander Fire Department
  • Arenzville Fire Protection District
  • Ashland Fire Department
  • Chandlerville Fire Department
  • Emden Fire Department
  • Hartsburg Fire Department
  • Petersburg Fire Department

Dispatch Centers

  • Christian County Dispatch
  • Menard County 911 Dispatch
  • Scott County Dispatch
  • West Central 911 Dispatch