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Wellness Cooking Class: Immune-Boosting Meals

11/30/2022 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Making healthy food choices is one of the many ways you can support a healthy immune system this time of year. We will discuss how to balance your plate to include natural immune-supporting foods while we prepare related recipes.

Wellness classes can range from food as a prevention strategy to food as part of therapeutic treatment of a diagnosed condition.

Culinary Medicine classes involve preparing several recipes to learn basic culinary techniques while engaging in conversation related to the food-medicine connection. Participants taste the recipes the group has prepared and then set goals for using their new skills at home.

Call 217-788-3948 or email memorialweightlossandwellness@mhsil.com to register.

Cost: Billed as Medical Nutrition Therapy and standard rates apply, will be a charge for food. If no coverage the max is $28 for a one hour group.