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Everyday Essentials Cooking Class: Oven Roasting Skills

9/29/2022 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Everyday Essentials classes emphasize kitchen skills used to prepare healthy foods, with topics geared towards different health and wellness needs in the community.

Oven roasting is an important technique for preparing healthy food.  In this class, you will:

  • Practice knife skills for preparing vegetables to roast.
  • Compare how the roasting techniques changes the texture and flavor of foods.
  • Prepare recipes using oven-roasting skills.
  • Increase awareness of how a base recipe can be adapted for taste preferences and ingredient availability.
  • Experience how oven roasted food fits into healthy meal planning.

Culinary Medicine classes involve preparing several recipes to learn basic culinary techniques while engaging in conversation related to the food-medicine connection. Participants taste the recipes the group has prepared and then set goals for using their new skills at home.

Call 217-788-3948 or email memorialweightlossandwellness@mhsil.com to register.

Cost: Billed as Medical Nutrition Therapy and standard rates apply, will be a charge for food. If no coverage the max is $28 for a one hour group.