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COVID-19 Update: July 3, 2020


This is a joint communication from the Logan County Department of Public Health and Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital providing a status of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Logan County. This communication will come only when a NEW COVID-19 positive case is confirmed and identified as someone who resides in Logan County.

The Logan County Department of Public Health has confirmed today an additional case of COVID-19 in Logan County. The individual is in their 50s and is currently hospitalized in Springfield, Illinois.

The total number of confirmed positive cases in Logan County is now 19 including 12 individuals who have recovered. The Logan County dashboard will be updated to reflect this new case tomorrow morning.

Logan County Data

A continually updated table of Logan County data is maintained by the Logan County Department of Public Health and is available at

NOTE: A recovered individual is someone who has tracked their symptoms twice daily and reported that they have been symptom-free for 72 hours to the Logan County Department of Public Health. The total number of positives on the Logan County dashboard represents a historical running total of confirmed positive cases. Recovered individuals are never removed from the total number of positives.

Statewide Data

A continually updated map of statewide data is maintained by the Illinois Department of Public Health and available online at:  conditions/diseases-a-z-list/coronavirus


Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital is Ready. Safe. Go.

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital reminds the public not to put off getting the care they need. From diagnosis and treatment to surgery and recovery, ALMH and all Memorial Health System affiliates are taking all the steps needed to keep patients safe. Masks and needed protective equipment are required to be worn by our staff at all times. Advanced disinfecting procedures are being used to clean patient rooms and other facilities. Mandatory COVID-19 screenings are given to everyone entering our facilities and COVID-19 testing is given to elective surgery patients within 72 hours of their procedures. Further, isolated treatment units are in place for patients confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19. Visit for more information.