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Local Seventh-Grade Students to Attend G.R.I.T. Workshop


As the ALMH Community Health Collaborative and their partners reviewed the results of Logan County’s Illinois Youth Survey, middle school was identified as a critical time for Logan County youth.

The most recent Logan County Youth Survey found that by eighth grade 35% of Logan County students had already used a substance (alcohol, cigarettes, inhalants or marijuana) in the past year. By 10th grade that increased to 59% and by 12th grade that increased to 65%.

In addition, the recent Logan County Community Health Needs Assessment identified substance abuse, mental health and obesity as priority health needs in Logan County. To provide resources and support to Logan County youth in these areas, a Gaining Resilience In Teens (G.R.I.T.) workshop will be held on Friday, September 13. Planning partners include the Logan County Department of Public Health, First Presbyterian Church of Lincoln, Chestnut Health Systems, Lincoln College, Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago, Logan County Education Coalition and area schools.  

Over 300 seventh graders are expected to attend the event held during the school day featuring 10 workshops. Participants will obtain lifelong tools to encouraged informed decision around physical health, nutrition, future goals, emotional health and coping. Resources and speakers are lined up to meet the needs of Logan County 7th graders. Over 50 community volunteers are offering their time and expertise to ensure a successful event.

Jennifer Keith, creator of G.R.I.T., will be featured as the keynote speaker.

“The focus of G.R.I.T. is to provide and enhance self-care skills for the students. We hope that after they participate they will have more tools in their toolbox to deal with life’s challenges. Ultimately, we want to prepare them to make healthy choices starting now and into the future,” said Keith.

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