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Barnes Named March Colleague of the Month for Decatur Memorial Hospital


Cory Barnes, a lab tech at Decatur Memorial Hospital, is the nonprofit hospital’s Colleague of the Month for March.

As Decatur Memorial Health moved to a new electronic health record, Barnes was notable for the way he helped his colleagues adapt to the new process.

“He is our ‘phone-a-friend,’ and I am so grateful for his patience,” wrote one nominator. “To have a patient, kind voice on the other end of the phone through all these changes has been nice.”

A different nominator agreed.

“Cory is our go-to person,” that nominator wrote. “During our transition, he has been beyond helpful. He is knowledgeable about the tests and processing. He always helps us figure out these answers. He never makes us feel dumb for asking.”

Barnes has worked for Decatur Memorial Hospital since 2021.