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Jacksonville Memorial Hospital Recognized for Stroke Care


Jacksonville Memorial Hospital has received redesignation as an Acute Stroke-Ready Hospital for its ability to provide lifesaving care to patients experiencing a stroke.

The certification is awarded to hospitals and emergency centers across the state that meet requirements set by the Illinois Department of Public Health. Acute Stroke-Ready hospitals provide crucial, immediate care to patients, including diagnosis and treatment with “clot-busting” medications that reduce damage to the brain. They are also equipped to transfer patients who need more complex stroke care after the initial, lifesaving treatment has been administered and the patient’s condition is stabilized.

“We are very proud of our ability to diagnose and treat stroke patients at JMH,” said Trevor Huffman, JMH president and CEO. “Our Emergency Department team has protocols in place that enable anyone arriving at the hospital with stroke symptoms to get the care they need very quickly. We are truly on the front lines of stroke care in our region.”

Stroke is a leading cause of death for Americans, as well as a leading cause of serious long-term disability. Patients who arrive at the emergency room within three hours of their first symptoms often have less disability three months after a stroke than those who received delayed care.

“An acute stroke, which is a condition in which blood flow to the brain is disrupted, is a true emergency,” said Dr. Elias Trace, medical director of the JMH Emergency Department. “Prompt diagnosis and treatment can make the difference between recovery, severe disability or even death. As a designated Acute Stroke-Ready Hospital, we have developed and maintained a program that offers rapid diagnosis and treatment of stroke. This designation serves to recognize the tremendous effort that our doctors, nurses and ancillary staff put in each day taking care of the people in our community—our home.”