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Tomaw Named July Colleague of the Month for Taylorville Memorial Hospital


Cody Tomaw, a CT technologist, with Radiology at Taylorville Memorial Hospital, is the nonprofit hospital’s Colleague of the Month for July.

Tomaw is helpful and takes on tasks beyond his normal assigned duties in Radiology. He assists when the Emergency Department is busy. Recently, he helped calm a patient with dementia while the nurse was doing a procedure.

He is a team player who recognizes and praises the efforts of his co-workers in Radiology. Last November, he praised individual co-workers during Radiology Week on Memorial’s internal communication channel.

“He is always so positive and helps out when needed,” wrote his nominator. “He just jumps in to take care of the patients. Seldom do we even need to ask for help.”

Tomaw has worked for Taylorville Memorial Hospital since 2011.