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Lincoln Memorial Hospital Redesignated as Acute Stroke Ready Hospital


Acute Stroke Ready hospitals are equipped to provide immediate care for stroke, including administering lifesaving medications, before the patient is transferred to a comprehensive or primary stroke center for further treatment.

“Time is of the essence in stroke care, and an Acute Stroke Ready hospital like LMH is prepared to act quickly to preserve patients’ brain function and potentially save their lives,” said Penny Tutter, a nurse manager at LMH who oversees stroke care.

Research has shown that patients who receive “clot-busting” medication within three hours of the onset of stroke symptoms experience shorter recovery times and fewer long-term effects. To qualify for Acute Stroke Ready designation, hospitals must measure stroke patient outcomes, including the time that elapses between arrival at the facility and treatment, and meet specific benchmarks.

“This accomplishment is a true testament to the outstanding teamwork across multiple departments and the processes established to effectively care for stroke patients,” said Dolan Dalpoas, president and CEO of LMH. “This is truly a team effort. We are very proud of the work we do to ensure local residents receive the fastest, highest-quality care possible if they experience a stroke.”

Within Memorial Health, Springfield Memorial Hospital is a comprehensive stroke center, Decatur Memorial Hospital is a primary stroke center and Jacksonville Memorial Hospital and Taylorville Memorial Hospital are both also Acute Stroke Ready hospitals.