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Harper Named May Colleague of the Month for System Resources at Memorial Health


Harper delivers supplies throughout the campus of Springfield Memorial Hospital, averaging more than 30,000 steps per day. He has mastered the most effective routes for more than a hundred colleagues and delivery locations.

“David is reliable and kind when he delivers our supplies and always takes the time to put our supplies away, especially the water and paper which are heavier for me to lift,” wrote one nominator. “His position is vital to our daily operations, and he diligently works behind the scenes while making a gigantic impact supplying our goods throughout the hospital.”

Harper is known for his care and dedication to doing the job right. He can recall most deliveries he has made and doesn’t stop until he finds and delivers any misplaced packages to the correct location.

“His hard work and dedication to his role keep many departments operating smoothly, without ever having to wait on needed supplies to continue their operation,” added one of Harper’s supervisors.

He has worked for Memorial Health since 2016.