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Ooton Named Memorial Health Ambulatory Colleague of the Month for May


Ooton is conscientious about talking with patients during the registration process to ensure accuracy of their records. She comes in early for her shifts and takes on any tasks that need completed before the doors open. She is known for her patient focus.

She monitors the faxes that come in and takes time to redirect any faxes that come in by mistake. One notable example was a precertification for a cancer patient that came in error. Ooton made sure the faxed information got to the right recipient, which required extra time and attention.

“We get many faxes that belong to another facility or provider,” wrote her nominator. “Tammy always attempts to call where the fax originated to let them know they have the wrong destination or forwards it on to where it is supposed to go because she recognizes that helping people is what we do.”

Ooton has worked for Memorial Health since 2021.