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Logan County Improves Ranking to 44th Healthiest County in Illinois


“We are proud to see that Logan County is improving its health ranking,” said Lincoln Memorial Hospital president and CEO Dolan Dalpoas. “Our board, colleagues and volunteers are passionate about our mission to improve lives and build stronger communities through better health. We are proud to play a direct role in both creating better health and supporting the work of our community to continue this progress.”

The CHR&R model recognizes that everyone in a community has a role to play to improve health.

“We all know that our health is influenced by what we eat, how much we move and even our genetics,” said Angela Stoltzenburg, LMH director of community health. “But if we want to give every person in our community the chance to be as healthy as possible, we must consider that our health is also influenced by access to quality health care and education, physical environment and social and economic factors including safety, employment, education and social support.”

The CHR&R compared county data from a variety of sources that represent both health outcomes and health factors. Health outcomes include the average length of life for a Logan County resident (currently 76.8 years) and quality of life. Health factors considered in the ranking include smoking and substance use, preventive health measures like cancer screenings and flu vaccines, high school graduation rates, air quality and housing.

“We are pleased to see the health of Logan County is improving,” said Don Cavi, executive director of the Logan County Department of Public Health. “With all community partners working in tandem as one system, there is no end to what can be accomplished. Perhaps our greatest partner in the community is its people, for if we are to continue on a path to improvement, it will take the consistent effort of everyone to care for their health, their families and their livelihood.”

The LMH Community Health Collaborative has implemented a variety of strategies with its partners, including the Logan County Department of Public Health, to improve health in Logan County. If you would like to learn more about these efforts, please contact Angela Stoltzenburg at 217-605-5008 or follow the Community Health Collaborative on Facebook at