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Morse Awarded February Colleague of Month at Memorial Health


Her nominator recounted a time when an elderly female was dropped off by her son, but after the patient’s appointment, the son hadn’t returned. The patient got in the car with another patient who offered to take her home. Concerned, Morse took down the make, model and license plate of the car and then called the patient until she knew she was home safe with the doors locked.

Morse makes it a priority to help the youngest of patients feel safe and at ease. She helps tie shoes and fetches wheelchairs for elderly patients if she sees them struggling outside. She even hands tissues to parents and helps button up coats.

“Jenny has the biggest heart and a wonderful sense of humor,” wrote her nominator. “She genuinely shows patients she cares regardless of their life situation. She takes time during registration to give them one-on-one attention. She is a true superhero.”

Morse has worked for Memorial Health since 2021.