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Orris Named February Colleague of Month for Jacksonville Memorial Hospital


Orris joined the intensive care unit in January 2022 and has been highly regarded as an asset to that team. Her co-workers note she is resourceful and known for keeping the unit organized and well stocked. She anticipates patient and nurse needs.

“She just jumped in and made our unit better,” wrote one of her nominators.

As the unit secretary, Orris is diligent about audits, ordering, paperwork and other unit needs. When she isn’t sure how to do a task, she goes the extra distance to figure it out. As a patient tech, she always stays a step ahead of patient needs.

“She comes in early; she stays late; and she is always willing to get in and get her hands dirty with the rest of us,” wrote her nominator. “The ICU colleagues can never really express how grateful they are to have her as part of the team. She is a wonderful co-worker.”

Orris has worked for Jacksonville Memorial Hospital since 2021.