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Kiddoo is Memorial Medical Center Colleague of the Month for February


SPRINGFIELD – Franke Kiddoo of Chatham is the Memorial Medical Center Colleague of the Month for February. Kiddoo, certified surgical technologist (CST), unit secretary for the nursing support pool, is known for his intense focus on doing whatever it takes to support his colleagues and to provide the best possible patient care.

Kiddoo has worked at Memorial Medical Center for six years. Most recently, he has been assigned on COVID-19 units, where he served as a safety monitor and supported other safety monitors. Safety monitors supervise clinical staff as they put on and remove personal protective equipment, ensuring clinical staff members are properly protected as they deliver care to COVID-19-positive patients.

As more COVID-19 units opened at Memorial Medical Center, Kiddoo was instrumental in ensuring the units were appropriately stocked and focused on protocols to keep patients and colleagues safe.

“I’ve been on multiple COVID-19 floors and Franke’s level of engagement is far superior to others I have worked with. If I needed anything for the safety of patients and staff, he was on it,” said Jenny Rikeralm, one of two colleagues who nominated Kiddoo. “From what I have observed, Franke doesn't just live in his bubble on his assigned unit, he is interested in the overall greater good of Memorial Health System.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kiddoo served on several nursing units and built a reputation among his colleagues for delivering exceptional patient care through his support of the clinical staff. At the heart of Kiddoo’s efforts is always patient care.

“A smiling patient is worth everything,” said Kiddoo.

Kiddoo enjoys attending car shows and appreciates Camaros in particular. He also enjoys “spending as much time as possible with my Italian grandmother,” he said.