Community Benefit Overview

Memorial Health's five affiliate hospitals benefit the communities they serve in numerous ways, including participation in Community Benefit initiatives. Not-for-profit health care organizations including Memorial Health are exempt from paying federal income taxes because they fall into a category recognized by the federal income tax code as charitable organizations.

In exchange for not-for-profit status, the Internal Revenue Service requires that hospitals engage in charitable activities that benefit their communities, known as Community Benefit. Memorial Health includes Decatur Memorial, Jacksonville Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Springfield Memorial and Taylorville Memorial. These affiliates annually complete reports to the IRS and the Illinois Attorney General as applicable detailing our Community Benefit activities.

Every day, Memorial Health lives out our mission to improve the health of the people and communities we serve. As healthcare professionals, we take our mission beyond our walls and address the inequities in housing, employment, safety, transportation, access to food and education that continue to affect the health of people marginalized in the communities we serve. To do this, we work on strengthening our partnerships with organizations already engaged in this important work. Community Benefit initiatives are an important strategy in this goal.

The information below provides a glimpse of the programs that contributed to Memorial Health's most recent community benefits.

2018 Community Benefit Report

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Community Health Needs Assessment